How I failed at domain squatting

You win this round, Bret.

It was the perfect plan. Bret Stephens was feuding with the NYT editor, A.G Sulzberger, over spiking his column about how NYT beclowned itself by kowtowing to the woke-circus and ritually sacrificing their science reporter Rob Idontfeellikelookingthisup. Any fool could see what was going to happen next. Resign in disgust, two weeks to negotiate with substack, and a brand new newsletter.

Substacks are like podcasts but with words. They cost $5 a month. At first you don’t mind, but then people keep getting cancelled. You think, oh this Matt Taibi guy sounds interesting, I’ll give him $5. But then Andrew Sullivan loses his job for reasons I can’t even remember. There’s another $5. Glenn Greenwald objects to the media coverup of Hunter Biden. The cover up is only partly effective and you can uncover it by paying $5 a month. Now I’m out five bucks every time a Gawker alumnus decides he can’t take a joke, or a creepy media reporter uncovers a photo of someone in a distasteful halloween costume.

But not this time. This time I scooped up I was going to make that fool pay me before he could make me pay him. But unlike the great Brett Hull, Stephens spells his own name wrong. One “t”. What kind of American bullshit is that.